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The hotel or the homely tale or the experience of homeliness. A hotel is the only experience that pays your money back as soon as you step in and see tidy corridors, dustbins all around the corners, tissue paper handles on walls and when you enter the room, the fragrance of being at home touches the nooks and corners of your senses. This comes when the art of housekeeping is practiced daily with the perfect housekeeping equipment.


The wide hotel industry faces many problems in collecting different kinds of hotel room amenities and housekeeping products. From various sizes of towels to gloves, slippers and table lamps, and all kinds of hotel toiletries, you can cater to your customers. These days tech-based dustbins are on-trend. They primarily use sensations to function. Next, we require a range of cleaning chemicals to keep the floor stain-free, white, clean, and most importantly germ-free. Apart from chemicals, we also require cleaning equipment in housekeeping.

One can not neglect the poly full of garbage the hospitality industry produces. Hoteliers require different types of poly bags and waste bags.  In my opinion, the most important thing of all is the complete set of bathroom and kitchen cleaning equipment from mops to different kinds of brushes that can clean nooks and corners. Availability of all these products on one platform is quite impossible. You’ve got to wander vendor to vendor for collecting all these housekeeping necessities. But not to worry now, these are the problems that date back, at HORECASTOP we have streamlined the availability of all housekeeping products and housekeeping equipment on your phone screen. We have products ranging from all the suitable cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment, waste disposal bags of poly and paper, dustbins, mops, best quality tissue papers, toiletries and towels of all sizes, and a lot more. Apart from these, We have a wide catalog of all the FMCG products for hotels.

We also have freshly flavored room fresheners and fragrances that add a homely vibe to your hotel and restaurants. We have big offers on housekeeping trolleys for hotels and chambermaid trolleys. We have brought the convenient process of ordering your requisites from your phone till delivering them to your doorsteps. You can check our catalog at HORECASTOP and We bring quality and best prices hand in hand. Seeking your first move.

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