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Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The changing world order has brought corporates out of cubicles to the camping stations set along shores and beaches, in hills and mountains, on the sidelines of an island, around green galleries or any scenic site nearby. After the pandemic manipulated the work-life systems, remote workers began rising and stress became complementary. So to ease the tension off, they began to explore the world with no halts from their regular work. Yes! Here meet the new generation of digital nomads.

A digital nomad is a person who remotely works while traveling. They have an ardent love for exploring the world without taking a day off from work. They culturally worship work and at the same time satisfy their wanderlust temptations. Digital nomads usually seek for ‘BLEISURE’ travel i.e. travel for business and leisure simultaneously.

By 2022, the global mobile workforce is expected to grow from 1.45 billion in 2016 to 1.87 billion, accounting for 42.5% of the worldwide workforce. The workaholic peeps begin converging with the travel industry, and so will the surge of digital nomads, staycations, homestays, workstations, and a lot of services catering to serve business travelers. This shift in work-travel culture has brought numerous opportunities for the hospitality industry that are waiting to get grabbed with the specific know-how of the needs of these tribes and all the innovative ideas to serve them on safer plates.

To bring in hospitality to the feet of these tribes, one needs to figure out what services they actually look for.

  • These digital nomads look for open natural spaces where they have a scenic view and can feel the very wind and vibe with nature while working remotely.

  • They look for affordable travel and temporary stays with essential utilities.

  • They require a strong wifi connection and access to necessary supplies, such as a printer, notepads, pencils, etc.

  • They usually get attracted to co-working spaces in hotels and restaurants and a work-house ambiance with simple decoratives and less noise.

  • They usually prioritize hygienically safer places.

What would draw them to your place is how innovatively and affordably you cater to their needs. One thing, the HORECA industry needs to keep in mind, a disciplined balance has to be maintained because these digital nomads seek BLEISURE and not only LEISURE. Let's drool over some must and creative ways through which the hospitality industry could tap its feet.

Let’s Have a Look 5 Ways to Digitalize Horeca Industry


  • Since they are here for work as well as travel, customizing natural spaces to work-oriented spaces with the required utilities like deck-chairs with laptop handles, with lo-fi beside them.

  • GLAMPING workstations are the most trending accommodations that capture the digital nomads certainly.

  • They can also arrange them make-shift cubicles of parachutes.

  • They can even organize full-fledged rooms for business meetings and get-togethers arranged with computers and printers and internet connectivity.

  • The terrace or the rooftop can be customized to a working ambiance providing co-working spaces with duo or quad dinings with a slant laptop puff and mousepads etc.

  • The natural lighting and sober ambiance go well with business travel. Avoid inducing decoratives because this tribe favors natural beauty rather than artificial.

A 360-degree guide to creating an indoor as well as outdoor business ambiance at your hotel or restaurant to tap the tribe of digital nomads before your competitor does is here at Estandardz. Here, the consultants will help you capture and sustain this surge of digital nomads.


  • The most important utility required by digital nomads is strong wi-fi. So whether you’ve open spaces or closed, make sure an all-time internet is available therein.

  • Charging outlets become a never missed out thing for the one who works digitally. So the managers have to cater to the tribe with this facility.

  • The hospitality industry must provide access to secondary digital amenities such as a printer, notepads, pencils, etc

  • Never forget they are there with you not only for work but for exploring the nearby places, hotels can arrange travel vans for their guests and equip them with all the amenities required from cooking food to safe toilets.

  • Hotels and restaurants can supplement them with free water bottles and snacks and toiletries when they travel to nearby spots.


  • The digital nomads particularly look for sanitized rooms and disinfected environments and clean surroundings because they have skipped the unsafe office premises and chose to work and safe travel simultaneously. You can place a bulk order of cleaning essentials and all the required room amenities at Horeca Stop Housekeping Essential and can get them delivered in short at affordable prices.

  • Hygiene comes first so to provide them with the best facilities, hygienic plates and packaging have to be the choice of hospitality. Safe paper packaging and clay utensils are considered to be most safe for health as well as the environment. Equip the Digi travelers with snacks in safe packets while they are traveling. Get the products here at Horeca Stop Packaging Material


  • Since they love to engage digitally, online bookings and online payment options bring them an edge closer to your hotels.

  • Contactless check-ins and checkouts will make their stay and travel easy.

  • A CRM dashboard of individual guests can be maintained and virtual contact with the guest can be set up via texts. Through an established CRM, staff can get instant notification about the requirements and can reach them in no time.


  • The kind of hospitality and work ambiance you provide will bring them back to your doors, it's time to reward them with extra discounts and travel coupons.

  • Keep on upgrading by their feedback. Reach them post their departures via message popups and emails about what new you've added to your services.

Digital nomads look for work productivity and leisure at the same time. Fostering a workaholic ambiance within your premises can only push them to enter your doors. Organizing events, campgrounds, planning weekend adventure tours for digital nomads give you an edge over your competitors. Advertising what you have in your store for Digi-travelers through social media catalogs would attract fellow beings.

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