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6 Ways to become an Environment-Friendly Restaurant

How much would you rate your restaurant for restaurant sustainability?

An environmentally-friendly restaurant is essential for a sustainable environment, for reducing greenhouse gases affect, and also to help you to save money.

Since people have been really involved in opting for healthy eating trends and a sustainable environment, they prefer eco-friendly products and eco-friendly brands, and now Eco-friendly Restaurants.

According to a study by Purdue University, 77% of the restaurant’s customers agree to pay more, if the restaurant is conducting environmentally friendly practices.

Here are some ways to move forward towards an environment-Friendly Restaurant.

Reduce Food Waste

The first step towards a sustainable restaurant is to reduce the wastage of food. Food wastage can be reduced by taking a few measures such as using digital inventory management tools, highlighting the expiry date of products,s and donating surplus food. Digital inventory management software sends an alert a few days before the expiry date of a product so that you can reduce the wastage of food products by using them before the expiry date.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

You can reduce your cost by using energy-efficient appliances. It may look costly in starting to buy energy-saving appliances but it will pay off you in the long run. You can replace your equipment with solar panels, energy star appliances, and energy star refrigerators. These appliances will reduce electricity usage without affecting performance.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Equipment

Instead of using conventional cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals, use cleaners of eco-friendly brands. Eco-friendly cleaning products possess myriads of benefits. Purchase products that contain Design for the Environment (DFE) or have green seal certified products. While purchasing the cleaning products look for the Green Guard label, Environment choice program label, or chlorine-free product association label.

Save Water

Another step towards the environment-Friendly Restaurant is to save water and reduce wastage. You can opt for various measures to save water such as using low flush toilets, installing a water purification system instead of using water bottles, it will also reduce your cost and use solar thermal panels to heat water. By opting for all these methods you can also reduce your electricity bill.


Use the formula of 3R i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  • Reduce the use of paper and plastic and go for digital receipts and online advertising.

  • Replace the plastic utensils and containers to reusable crockery.

  • Recycle the wooden boxes, glass bottles, and cardboard and use recycled toilet paper.

Grow your own Products & compose Waste

Try to make some space for gardening on the roof or in any other area, grow some ingredients or herbs in your restaurant, and also compose your kitchen waste such as vegetable peel offs to make fertilizers. Other than it is a fun task of growing veggies, talking to your customers about your organic farming can make you go fell on cloud 9.


Blaming factories, honking vehicles, and random organization and reminding them of their social responsibility is later-important than to first tell yourself to take an individual call to go green and eco-friendly.

Getting back these are the few ways by which you can make your Restaurant Eco- friendly. It will benefit both nature and you. On the one side, the environment will get saved from harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases effects, and on the other side, you can also reduce your cost and can save money. Think wisely, act smartly, spend judiciously.



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