Horeca Stop Relieving Pandemic Panic with certified Personal Protective Equipment.

Winston Churchill once said - "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." And every startup is the best optimist and so is Horeca Stop. Gradually you will understand the context of the above statement made as you go through the article.

The spike in a number of Coronavirus scams and fraud cases for unfair priced fake masks and uncertified hand sanitizers has left all of us muddled and anxious. The lack of transparency has left survivors harshly criticizing not only the government but also the third-party platforms like pharmacies, malls, and other retail outlets. The state of the dilemma of what and who to believe in this pandemic panic has left all desirous of the most appropriate resource.

Pandemics threaten humanity every 100 years. Plague, now followed by Coronavirus has left worldwide countries and its economy in a shambles. Since the Coronavirus has struck the shore of India, it has turned the structure and inhabitants Topsy-turvy. Unfolding its first Coronavirus case in Kerala, Tamil Nadu has surged past all over 17,265, the number of causes contributing to a 3.3% Death rate in India.

According to the WHO Coronavirus Guideline: Social Distancing, Washing hands, wearing masks and using hand sanitizers are the basic protective measures against the Novel Corona. No sooner the highlighted rise in the Coronavirus Graph in India got significant, than the demand for this personal protective equipment has risen to mitigate the panic and fear of Coronavirus. But these crucial essential commodities means nothing to some malevolent and never flung/pitched the deaf ears, hence making the fight against the unscrupulous traders a bigger one.

In the middle of the march, Bengaluru, Telangana, and Delhi NCR reported cases of fake sanitizers and masks and cartons of uncertified hand washes and sanitizers were seized by government officials. The Telangana Police and drug authorities busted a manufacturing unit outside Hyderabad. 210 shops were raided in Bengaluru where shopkeepers, owners of pharmacies were booked for allegedly selling these unreal products in this soaring demand.

Followed by this, Delhi NCR – Gurugram and Noida officials raided factory places where over 5,000 face masks and around 5,000 bottles of hand sanitizers have been seized, labeled under the name of SG group. To sum up, around, more than 10,000 bottles of such sanitizers were found in 50 cartons at the site, along with inferior-quality masks.

According to the latest reports, over 25,000 bottles and 40 lakh worth of raw materials were seized and have marketed products worth Rs. 1,44,00,000. Apprehending the playful affairs of these traders, set alarm for the surging in case of the Coronavirus cases stipulating the central government has now placed face masks and hand sanitizers under the Essential Commodities Act until 30 June 2020.

The entire scenario was generated because of the gap created because of the shortage and falling apart of that one solution for all. Take a Sigh of Relief now!!

Horeca Stop is an Omnichannel- B2B company that belongs to the F&B industry. The main products and services are related to the Hotel, Restaurants and Catering supply like Ceramic cutleries and crockeries, kitchenware, glassware, customizable packaging like paper bags and boxes for the start-up and well-flourished restaurant businesses.

Founder of Horeca stop is concerned about all those people who are selflessly providing services, at banks, at insurance offices,