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Things around us have changed dramatically and drastically in the whole scenario of pandemic panic. The closure and cease of operation of all businesses have held the entire world and its economy to undergo a big crisis. All the businesses have seen a massive downfall near to zero level and life is hardly the same.

Since the point of social distancing, life has got restricted within the four walls. The lifestyle and habits of people have taken a shift from outdoor to indoor. As a consequence, one of the sectors worst affected by Covid-19 will be food services, which is estimated at Rs. 4,23,865 crore in India and employing more than 700,000 people, according to the National Restaurant Association in India ( NRAI).

The decrease in the footfall has forced restaurants businesses either to close their doors or to operate on the delivery models to help its survival. The effect of the public responses will frightfully impact the daily revenue and entire profit and loss account.

Let’s find out the main ways in which the culture of the restaurants is affected:

Drop-in Social Distancing

Spending time together over meals with your near and dear ones, in an ensconcing ambience with pick delicacies is taken as an opportunity for celebration. To eliminate the havoc of tiring preparation done at home, people in all probability choose restaurants over home presentations. Now that they have shown a deep-seated antipathy for the scenario, people have confined themselves to home. This has exacerbated the concept of social meeting and dining together, which came as a devastating blow to the culture of socializing over foods and drinks.


In the fast-moving world where people had deeply engrossed themselves to meet the quick turnaround time and cope with FOMO (Fear of Missing out) has started developing an indifferent attitude. They have started valuing quality over quantity and have taken a trump on FOMO with JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). People have started liking the miss to the sophistication, the sensitivity, lavish, and luxurious tempting chores of the restaurants. Less style and less money with less pompous have made them inclined more towards the elegance of the simplicity done to just enjoy the meal. This withdraws the craze for being to restaurants once the lock down lifts.

Refashioning the Delivery Models

Not only the millennial and Gen Z implements the concept of smart work over hard work, but some also believe to have value for money. Where almost everyone fancy to enjoy their favorite cuisines and pick dishes at the comfort of home, the home delivery model has evolved to be a savior in the emergency situation. This brings the delivery service an upswing. This trend is likely to pick up when the novel coronavirus retreats decreasing the footfalls in restaurants.

Home-made Food as the Show Stealer

Where now people are left with ample of time, cooking at home has been their best source of entertainment. This reminds me of the jingle in Knorr Soups “Restaurant Jaisa Khana Ghar par” has made them try out their hands in cooking. And of course utilizing the internet to the fullest, sharing of food ideas, recipes, and their creative skills at cooking on social media has become a fond full activity. Practice makes the man perfect will go apt with time hence declining the interest of visiting restaurants.

Preference for Clean over Cheap

The guideline laid by WHO has urged people for holding high-quality cleanliness and hygiene by washing hands regularly, sanitizing, wearing masks. This might not be a trusted point on restaurants staffs and its procedures of cooking. Whereas these could easily be inculcated in the house effortlessly. People have tightened their belts and will remain mind full of the safety of quality ingredients grown in safe and sustainable ways, cooked in a hygienic environment, even after the lock down retreats. This means the cost of food in a restaurant may go up, and restaurants may find it harder to compete on price alone leading to the cut down in the frequency of going out.


But as we say “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”. Despite there being sundry ups and down, every crisis bears some seeds of opportunity as well. It is all up to us that either we sail through or wait for the storm to hold. Checking your roots in the heart of the customer and in the market will not only make your brand strong and recognized but will also motivate your restaurant business to take up bigger challenges in the future. Go and grab your opportunities now.

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