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How to boost Online Food Delivery leads amid Covid-19 lockdown?

Nothing is more important than empathizing with other human beings ' misery. While this global pandemic has instilled the importance of practicing social distancing in people, it has impeded people from the lip-smacking, mouth-watering delicacies they always liked enjoying from their favorite restaurants.

No doubt, Coronavirus has made a colossal impact on businesses, but the restaurant business can still take an upper hand in this. The best way is to put yourself in your customer's shoes and think about the difficulties that customers are encountering. You still have time to make a mint.

Everybody has a subdued fear that the food they are eating might be contaminated. After all, who knows how the food is being cooked, packaged, and delivered. At this time, winning the trust of your customers is directly proportional to the sales at your restaurant.

Take a creative step of choosing this doorstep delivery and we promise to help you to boost your sales:

Emphasize on Contactless Delivery:

With a rise in time, people have buckled up to stay hygienic and spend on things and businesses who take attentive care of the hygiene around. In the same way, when it comes to the restaurant's business, they become the more picky chooser. Promote for how you are making and delivering contactless food, kept outside the door rather than handing them in hand. Make the move with this.

Set up a delivery time.

It feels great when the food comes ahead of its expected time. Why not try that? Do not keep your customers waiting. The best way to make your customers restless and excited is by fancying them with an amazing delivery time, like the Domino's pizza. With plummeting traffic due to Coronavirus lockdown, now it is much easier to deliver food quickly. So why not set up a 30 minutes or free food delivery policy! This will also make your customers feel good and important.

Social media platforms:

Bring out the photographer in you! Walk them through the photos of your dishes online and let your customers salivate! Give an insight into the hygienic practices that you follow while cooking. While it is absolutely necessary to follow safety measures like wearing masks and gloves while cooking, why not let your customers know about it?

A Star Online Menu.

In this global crisis, it is highly probable that most of the ingredients are not available. So cut down the out-of-scope dishes. Optimize the available resources by coming out with new dishes and making changes to older ones. Convey a clear description of every item along with an awesome photo. Keep it short and simple.

Also do not forget to add a section where your customers can write if they prefer a low carb meal or are allergic to certain substances.

Encourage Cashless Payments:

You know people are not liking the "in contact with" approach. Tell them that you are with them in this and so you don't like it too. Cashless payment not only is easy and quick but also eliminates the last moment chaos for the money change. This will also keep your delivery executive safe from getting in contact with an infected person. Think about them unduly.

Communicating on arrival:

Choose by what means are you communicating your customers of your arrival. Let them know beforehand of the means of notifying them of dropping their delivery parcel. Whether it's a knock on the door, a normal text message or notifying on the app, or ringing them on their contact number. Give your customers alternative options if they don't like to share their personal contact details.

Entertaining Feedbacks and Complaints:

The customer is next to God. Try not to offer a single chance of failing a customer. Emphasize more on feedback from customers and if you receive any, try to make it up with a discount or free dish on the next order. On any complaint lodged, make sure to find a way out for a customer then and there. Apologies for the inconvenience caused and treat them better in the next order.

Follow safety measures in your kitchen

Follow these so that your customers do not get infected, the reason being a slight carelessness from your side. Make sure your workers wear gloves and masks and sanitize themselves at intervals.

We are going through hard times. But in this situation where businesses are failing and profits are declining, you can still keep yourself from drowning by following these simple tips. So work hard, and amidst major lockdown, make your online food delivery a grand success!



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