How to talk to your Customers about Coronavirus?

“Live to Eat and Eat to Live" is the primary cover that makes us decent breadwinners. Well to evidence this, we all have that one most likely cuisine and favorite of all time. How so ever it may be, food lightens and boost up our entire emotion rush with a mere thought of relishing it. For that point, a restaurant has been a great savior, pal, and the best source of entertainment of all time.

Since the country is seeing an emergency, the entire market of different sectors is bullied by an unprecedented situation. Business, Stand-alone shops, and most importantly the Restaurants operation are undergoing deep losses.


Due to the whole havoc, customers have proscribed expenditure on the restaurant's food ordering. As a result, restaurant sales may go down for your business, but there is still a huge opportunity to win with your customers by building their trust in your restaurant as a brand.

Needless to say, online marketing of your restaurant can always be a hit to bull’s eye. But sometimes offline practices leaves the customer touched from within. Implementing both will not only help restaurants stay connected to the customers but also engages restaurant businesses in trust and brand building.

Here are some tips that will help restaurants talk to your customers amid the corona pandemic:


The purpose of the email is to outline what your restaurant is doing as a brand in the wake of the Coronavirus. Firstly ask them to be safe in this entire panic and establish that faith in meeting their expectation in the coming week. Keep it simple and touched –like make them feel that you care for them. Avoid being promotional in this email. Try to give them the least information like for will restaurants open after lock down? Are you open now? Or you can lead them with a number to be addressed for further queries.

Quick tip: Design the email templates in more of a personal way like mentioning their names. If you have a record of the executive assigned for the customer during their arrival, make the email go by that name on behalf of the entire restaurant team.


This is the right time you can make your customers look at things from your eyes. Help them learn about the course of action you are taking to bat COVID-19 panic. Share with your customers the practices and precautions your brand is taking to care for your employees. Explain that restaurants have adhered to high-frequency hand washing and other health and safety measures. Then, you can communicate how you've increased these safety precautions by having your staff wear gloves or masks.

If you are closed for dine-in service, tell them that you have expanded your delivery radius and started delivering family-style meals. Be a little wired yet savvy- Thank them for not coming to dine in and maintaining the safety for themselves and all.

Quick tip: Miss and match different cuisines with other cuisine and put them as a new menu every day. Be a little creative and post the menu on social media saying like "today's special” or “ Today’s take-out / Dine-in menu”. During the Lock down, still, be their source of entertainment. This time not by serving food but by serving funny engaging elements on your daily feed-stuff.