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5 Inspiring Examples for Restaurant Applications

If we have to single out one reason why restaurant owners ought to invest in mobile apps for his or her business, it’s geofencing and placement targeted selling. This package permits businesses to line up a little device in and around your business location that may send push notifications to prospective diners or guests coming into your proximity so as to lure them into action.

It’s all concerning location and victimization this to your advantage for each listing, search, promotion, and communication. A mobile app for your restaurant additionally permits you to inspire client loyalty and build app solely discount deals.

According to recent analysis, sixty one of restaurant customers would be willing to transfer a restaurant’s app if you secure them exclusive offers and deals from time to time.

Still not convinced? Let’s learn additional concerning these ennobling real restaurant Apps.


International franchises like Domino’s dish additionally perceive the ability of mobile apps for business growth and selling. Building your own dish has never been this straightforward. make a choice from toppings from pre-sets and place and track your order. The app additionally featured a map wherever the restaurant locations area unit geotagged.

RHINO occasional

People love their occasional, and rhinoceros occasional is cognizant of this want. That’s why their app is employed as a bequest system and loyalty program. The mobile app permits you to pay along with your phone and earn rewards by doing thus. It additionally shows you the menu and locations accessible in your space. rhinoceros occasionally may be a nice example of however you'll use your restaurant app to inspire loyalty and returning guests.


If it’s statistics you’re trying to find to be convinced of the ability of mobile apps for your restaurant, Starbucks is your proof. They were one among the primary corporations to use the mobile app channel for business growth. About twenty first of Starbucks transactions are done via mobile app, with AN calculable eleven million individuals presently signed up to the Starbucks mobile application.


Mini Bar may be a nice example of a distinct segment service and merchandise that utilizes the ability of mobile. This company understands the necessity for individuals to own liquor delivered to their homes, whether or not they’re throwing a final minute party or wish to own a present delivered to a friend’s home. the corporate delivers to varied locations, showing they perceive the necessity for a mobile app to succeed in their demographic. The look is easy and esthetically pleasing.


Chipotle shows that ‘easy will it’. the application itself isn’t sophisticated and therefore the interface isn’t irresistible .This restaurant understands our culture of instant gratification, thus rather than standing in line, you'll place your order before. This is often ideal throughout rush hours and you’re able to skip the queue to choose up your order.


After viewing those examples and reading the statistics, it’s virtually surprising to notice that solely four.8% of outlets have a mobile specific application for his or her institution. Isn’t it time to provide your customers what they want?

Consider the subsequent edges of finance in an exceedingly building app:

  • Gain additional reviews and testimonials

  • Offer convenient solutions for your customers

  • Increase your reach and access to guests

  • Make use of geotagging for push notifications

  • Simplify the order method

  • Lighten the employment of your in-house workers

  • Build a military of loyal customers

  • Offer rewards and incentives to extend returning guests

  • Gain the competitive edge up your space

  • Allow in-app buying of merchandise and merchandise

  • Collect valuable promoting knowledge

  • Increase the quantity of orders and bookings

Building an app for your restaurant doesn’t got to be an advanced method. There are varied style corporations and agencies that may assist. If you trust your own hand at making your mobile app, you'll be able to additionally build use of App Builders and Templates.

As a restaurant owner give your customers what they’re hungry for. Take this chance to extend complete visibility, gain access to near customers, showcase pictures of your delicious menu, build a rewards program and track valuable information for your marketing strategy.

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