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Spike in travel- Rising urge for staycations

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

The tourism industry is ready to bounce back and there is renewed hope as the health crisis is finally easing off. To help hoteliers get back in business soon here’s what can one do- hoteliers can run an exceptional offer and prepare to give their guests an even better welcome.

Giving your guests access to all the information they need for their stay, on their device, is a real asset for your establishment.

As said in our previous blog, The hospitality industry should make a way to digitalization. From arrival instructions to on-site services through local recommendations, the digital welcome booklet gives them all the information they need in just one step. E-Concierge features can also be integrated into the service, such as the pre-stay questionnaire, express check-in, online inventory, customer messaging, push notifications, satisfaction survey, activity booking requests, or any order process or requirement specific to your establishment.

Promotional offers can be like- get 3 months' service free of charge (terms and conditions applied) on all subscriptions of one year starting from some money. As you can see, the service offered is fully customizable and includes a management area with a wide range of options.

So, therefore, it would help a lot of hoteliers in the engagement process and it will eventually attract the audience because revenge travel seeks to be the hope for the travel sector and tourism as we know already. And by this providing, something extra more to your guest for the attraction would not cost much and hoteliers can get back to their business much easier.

It's just the technique one needs to keep in mind, that is what keeps you unique from your competitors and will help you survive in the long run.

Trending Buzzword - Revenge Travel

Let's now understand what actually means by this trending buzzword- Revenge Travel.

Simply, It is the urge to travel after being in lockdown for an extended period of time. People are frustrated in many ways as everybody is struggling and maintaining pace being at home. And it's good to stay at home but at times when everything is going back to normal and coping up with the pandemic, travel for many reasons can happen say it's an office, with family, small vacation, etc.

The hospitality industry should be very precautious post-pandemic, as revenge travel would be the key to revival but also can be dangerous, it has cons too. But getting back to normal will take some time and this normal will not take place all of a sudden, the process requires time.

All in all, the Horeca Stop will urge hoteliers to be precautious because tours and travel would be a spike in upcoming months.

Let's Get the Eyes of This Trending Revenge Travel

It is this sinister buzzword that has been doing the rounds in the last few months to describe the bottled-up demand for travel that many of us are currently feeling. But is revenge as sweet as we’d like? The jury is still out on that. Researchers have found out the desire for traveling has been 10x time post-pandemic and the buzz for pre-booking of flights and hotels has never been this busy before, the urge to travel has been a spike, its human tendency to explore and that is what being on hold since 2 years, the potential travel will immensely boom.

A study conducted by stated that 72 percent of people feel that traveling this year is more important to them than it was before the pandemic. It also found that of the people who couldn’t travel in 2020, 68 percent are yearning for the opportunity to travel this year. The travel website has witnessed a 200 percent jump in the bookings of hotels.

The above statistics clearly state that revival is not so far, but it is coming with risks and uncertainties as well.

Hoteliers should be well prepared with all the covid equipment such as masks, gloves, sanitizer, etc

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On the bright side, there's expected to be a ‘corona hangover’ where popular, overcrowded destinations brimming with overtourism can get a breather. For now. The fear will roll up on sleeves every time and therefore adapt the traveling measures and be precautious.

Moreover, to reduce the uncertainties, and also to fulfill the urge for traveling- just make sure to do not rush at the overcrowded places. Select your travel destination according to the population. Because as said nobody will abandon to travel, so, therefore, keep things in mind to travel at the less crowded places.

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