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Support a local business during the Covid-19 outbreak

This COVID-19 outbreak has brought for the country a time of crisis where businesses are running at losses, leading to shutting down after long periods of inactivity. Worst affected are the businesses which operate at a local level.

Corona is to be fought unitedly and in this situation of a global pandemic, you as customers, with your little steps can save these local businesses which will definitely result in significant contribution towards the country's economy.

Plan before you act:

Every time you cancel an order, you tend to overlook the losses that the business undergoes as a result of that. Obviously prioritizing self over others is necessary while planning orders but in these hard times, an extra thought is always preferred to be given to these local businesses who heavily depend on you at this time of crisis. It is in your hands to alleviate the dismal conditions of them.

Consider rescheduling.

If you are unable to order at that time or if the business is incapable to provide you with a service right now, why not reschedule it.

Do not ask for a refund.

Again, losses are inevitable at this time causing a global crisis. Obviously, it is not possible for us to ameliorate the situation but we can always respect the beauty of the phrase "act locally, think globally". Every small step counts. Not asking for a refund can be treated as a small donation that you have made at this critical time.

Donate to grow rich:

You need not save all of your hard-earned money and watch it grow in the bank for years. In this situation of crisis, bringing out the altruistic side of yours. Whether it is the local grocery store or the small restaurant at the end of the road, if there lies an opportunity to help them, do grab it. Support local artists and small bands. They are in great danger and you and only you can save them from getting drowned.

Prefer small stores.

If a small shop is selling the same item as its gigantic counterpart, always go for the former one. They need you more.

Use social media.

Now you are likely to find restaurants posting their mouth-watering delicacies and artists sharing their recorded performances on social media platforms. Choose your favorite and do not hesitate to like and share their videos/photos. Your one step can do wonders. Keep Small artists and restaurants alive during this Corona lockdown by boosting their outreach.

No one has ever become poor by giving.

Definitely, you cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone and bring this pandemic to an end.



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