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The fastest way to bounce back on your hospitality business.

The hospitality industry would recover fast post covid. As travel gradually opens up, hotels try to claw their way back into reckoning. And undoubtedly people should take every precautionary measure and travel more cautiously!

Taking care of your guest's essentials and measures is the ultimate way to seek their attention. Here’s how you can attract your guest:

- Hoteliers should start integrating more with the e- platform to deliver their services. Because contactless services would be widely accepted everywhere and by everyone, if we say when people prefer to dine outdoors, to book rooms, for check out and all the process.

- Start adopting cloud technologies to enhance the customer experience! By customer experience means, enhancing your guest experience. When you will start making your guest feel more like home, then they are likely to prefer your hotels. A satisfied guest is always a key to integrate your leads.

- Start greeting your guest in a more personalized manner.

- Most importantly adhere to precautionary measures. As said, post covid the mandatory rules should be strictly adopted by hoteliers or restaurateurs to grow their leads and attract your audience.

- Also if we talk about the dining experience people will more prefer outside seating and big places for dining and PDRs (Private Dining Rooms) will catch the attention.

For the sake of convenience India’s first e-procurement, omnichannel horeca stop has come up with the offer to make it easy for the hoteliers to procure covid essentials like a mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, thermal screener at very affordable pricing.

Click on the link to buy yours:

To enhance your guest experience hoteliers should focus on 3C’s to compete in the long run. 3C’s include cost, customer, competencies. Have a keen eye on your daily activities and here the 3C’s tactics that Horeca Stop follows:

Cost: Horeca stop has the best product at affordable pricing and it is the only omnichannel cutting down the cost of procuring hospitality supplies. Keeping your cost minimum and at the same time enhancing your guest experience. Horeca Stop has taken care of the quality as well, we have a premium quality of all the products ranging from smallware to covid essentials, kitchen equipment, and much more. The only platform that will cut down your excessive cost that is usually lost in procuring supplies and providing you the best at affordable pricing.

Customer: First and foremost deliver satisfactory services is what Horeca believes in. Therefore enhancing customer experience is our prime duty and delivering effectively ranks our priority. And above all, if a hotelier or restaurateur is happy then ultimately your guest would be happy with your given services because what matters are your products and acquiring from the right platform is what hotelier should choose from. Therefore, choose wisely! The chain of guest satisfaction starts with the procurement of hospitality supplies from the right platform.

Competencies: Horeca Stop is India's first e-procurement omnichannel for hospitality supplies ensuring quality goods and will never let its customer or hoteliers back in the race. As we rank, we had assured our hoteliers also would. What really matters to the guest are the services, with the HORECA stop you would have hands on the best products and assured service for your restaurant and hotels. These are the following methods of how hoteliers can be ahead of their competitor's post covid- To help you get back in business fast, hoteliers can run an exceptional offer so they can prepare to give their guest an even better welcome.

Giving your guests access to all the information they need for their stay, on their device, is a real asset for your establishment. From arrival instructions to on-site services through local recommendations, the digital welcome booklet gives them all the information they need in just one step. E-Concierge features can also be integrated into the service, such as the pre-stay questionnaire, express check-in, online inventory, customer messaging, push notifications, satisfaction survey, activity booking requests, or any order process or requirement specific to your establishment.

Lastly, after researching we had concluded that the tourism industry will bounce back soon and there would be renewed hope as the health crisis is finally easing off.


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