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The Hospitality Industry Should Make a Way to Digitalization.

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

No doubt, technology is the future of the hospitality industry. Serving your guest via digital gesture would be more impactful in post covid scenario say it from the booking of a hotel room to check out from the room. If we see, many hotels have optimized their website as mobile-friendly to freely book/ register through the hotel's website. Although 80% of the internet users prefer smartphones to browse and hence booking facilities available through a website would be a plus and handy for every user.

If you do not agree with what I am saying just look at the inspiring examples of the restaurant application that already have mobile applications of them for booking.

Now let's see how the online booking will help guests and the hotelier at the same time:

Interaction in a more convenient way

After this covid scenario, it would be more convenient to interact with your guest digitally. Adapting to the changes that are happening in the industry will keep you intact in long run.

Help's in building Brand's Image

Undoubtedly, serving guest help hotels to build their image and results in enhancing the guest's experience. In this ever-changing era, nobody wants to stick to the traditional methods, and if you are superior in first adapting to all the changes then eventually you will rank among all.

Enhance Guest experience

As said above, engaging guests onto digital platforms will ultimately result in building the hotel's image and enhancing the guest experience. As the audience has already been intact digitally and having the same offering in the hotel would be handier and hassle-free. As nobody wants to interact in person with others for queries post covid. Guest's are much more likely to engage themselves in the updated version of the hotels.

Develops Brand loyalty

It helps in developing brand loyalty because guests would be then more reliable on the brand of the hotel, the services they have experienced, the gesture hotelier left on the guest. This also helps in increasing the return rate of the guest as everybody falls for the place(restaurant/ hotels) when someone has recommended it. word of mouth has been more impactful than any marketing tactics, so ultimately treating your guest well helps in building your brand loyalty.

So, above were the points how online booking will help guests and the hotelier at the same time. A shift towards technology and if hoteliers believe in greeting their guests in some pre-organized manner then here is a way. Adopting these quick methods of the fastest way to bounce back on your hospitality business will work wonders in attracting your guests and enhancing their experience.

How Mobile Apps will Help to Boost the Hospitality Industry

Now let's have a quick look at the reasons how mobile apps will help to boost the hospitality industry and how having the app of the hotelier will make an impact.

1. Understand Your Guest's / Customer's Priorities

Understanding your Guest's / Customer's priorities is the appropriate way as mentioned in the above point, to start greeting in a more personalized manner, after booking the room hotelier's got to know if it's for newlywed, family, or business purposes. One can greet with gifts or hampers according to the suitability. So, understanding their priorities should be the topmost concern and it is very impactful on your guest.

2. Track customer inhouse behavior

Think about the brand Marriott, Hyatt Regency, Sayaji, Radisson, etc. These brands already have their own mobile apps pre covid, right?! And these are all officially rated as 5 stars. But now it's time to shift for the hotelier to start appropriately adopting technology to track your guest's behavior towards enhancing your guest's experience. Having your hotel's mobile app will help to find their likes, dislikes! What they are preferring more. Your guest's in-house behavior is watched by this. And hoteliers can mandate stuff and make arrangements accordingly.

3. Deliver authorized information

Having your mobile app will help you in delivering authorized information and there would not be any miscommunication because everything is pre-recorded. It will remove the communication gap as well.

4. Break the language barrier

With the hotelier’s mobile app, the major drawback of miscommunication will not continue further. With the mobile app, which is available in every language, guest’s can more feel at home by interacting with its language as language is said to be a barrier because you cannot predict what language did your guest is friendly in so, therefore, having your hotel’s mobile app will break the language barrier.

5. Chatbots to assist customer Queries

The idea that is seemed to be quite useful because every customer enquires or checks rooms in your hotel. Chatbots are the most appropriate way to assist customer queries very easily and hassle-free. It leaves a great impact and the solution for customer queries will give you the on-the-spot result.

6. Create a loyal community

As mentioned above, it results in building brand image and therefore leads to developing brand loyalty. Having a systematic digitalized platform for interaction will automatically create a loyal guest community. Hence as the guest experience is enhanced, you had already impact because your loyal guest creates customers by word of mouth only, which is far better than any marketing tactic.

7. Sideline Competitors

A Hotelier can sideline their competitors by treating them in a more personalized manner, by digitally engaging them in the contest, by providing special offers, and so on.


Through this article, you will get great knowledge about how Hospitality Industry will turn up into Digitalization. We discussed a lot of mobile applications that can help to boost your hospitality business. If you are looking to start your own Hospitality business then you must visit Horeca Stop.

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