Transformation in the Hospitality Industry after Coronavirus.

The Hotel and Restaurant industry has experienced many large scale natural disasters, economic recession, and even tormenting terrorism but none of them has affected the hospitality sector like Coronavirus pandemic. Borders are closed, Flights are grounded (exceptionally), Travelling is shut down (conditional) and hoteliers and restauranteurs have to undergo a huge financial dilemma.

The lockdown has had an unfortunate impact on the hospitality sector where the occupancy levels have taken a major hit and are at an alarming all-time low, resulting in some hotels and restaurants having to either shut operations or run with very limited facilities. But undoubtedly these curbed facilities are the trends that will set up the future of the industry.

We are of course proud of them for their contribution and commitments towards the populace, for instance facilitating the bed for hospital employees and rooms as quarantine space, delivering food and daily essential goods to customers and common people.

Now the main topic is what are these trends? And how they are transforming the hotel and restaurant industry. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the top long term trends pop up due to the COVID 19 pandemic that will take the hotel industry to new heights.

Pay on Leave over Work from Home

Work from home is the new emerging trend during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many industries are adopting this trend to continue their work in the lockdown period. This trend is also followed by the hotel industry, at hotels that remain open, employees who could work from home are encouraged to do so.

In the past, hoteliers might not have given much thought to managing their hotel from afar, but during this crisis, it is proved that some technologies or software such as property management systems, cloud-based guest messaging systems and so on that can be accessed remotely are necessary to keep the operations of hotels on track.

But having a physical presence at the workplace where personal presence breathes the management and their service, cannot afford the work from home facility until they are from the back end of the S&M department. You need to have a strong existence while working at the front end.

Pay on leave was functional first, but partially. Now with the change and need of time, employers are emphasizing pay on leaves to ensconce their employees and make up the loss of the facility of work from home.