Ways of Promoting Your Restaurant Online through Digital Marketing

Right from conceiving an idea for restaurant to put them into reality, can sometime hide the real obligation while tackling the problems faced in the initial period of owning a restaurant. Poor restaurant promotion, unfamiliarity with the competition, location and being a little inexperience are the most common restaurant failure reasons where they ultimately contributes to the restaurant industry failure rate.

As per CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel), reports around 60 percent of new restaurants failures within the first year and nearly 80 percent shutter before their fifth anniversary. Keeping in mind these grand failure rates, your marketing strategy to promote your business should be your top-most priority.


Adopting efficient and effective restaurant marketing strategies will not only promote your restaurant but also creates a memorable impression on customer, and will definitely save you!

What is Restaurant Marketing?

If Restaurant marketing to you, is simply putting up hoardings and posters of brand name of restaurant you own in as many places as possible, you are genuinely mistaken. It is much more than that. Keeping a circumspection, a genuine populace have taken its flight from offline to online and it is very important to maintain a engaging online platform advertising.

Keep in mind that your restaurant as a brand is your identity and your restaurant marketing plan should be such that the name of your restaurant gets imprinted on your customers’ hearts. Because you know that without customers your restaurant would have no business, breeding no sales revenue.

Why should people choose your restaurant over others? If you are successful in delivering the answer to the above question to your customers’ doorstep, you are halfway done. Once you are able to convince your customers to take action. Well in advance, you should have in mind the target customers.

Other than opting for traditional advertising or we can say offline restaurant marketing strategy like distributing pamphlets, flyers, locating displays and signage boards, involving in broadcast advertising, is expensive and an obsolete initiative yet an effective marketing strategy to invite and fancy old customers.

Hotel or Restaurant Video Marketing:

This is indeed a great way to attract your customers. Remember a Chinese phrase says a picture is worth a thousand words. Considering the fact that people tend to spend more time watching videos than reading, video marketing has great potential to make your restaurant famous! The video should be in a story-telling format that captivates people by telling them about the journey of your restaurant as a brand. Include featuristic information about your Restaurant, its decor, delicacies and ambiance.