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3 Ways to leave an Impeccable Impression on Your Guests

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Because Serving the Best is our priority!

Ever wondered what skills in which your restaurant is lacking behind?

What should be added more to stand out from the crowd! To make a thesaurus impact on your guests, the restaurant should keenly focus on the overall services it is providing. Starting from the table etiquettes to personalized hospitality.

Think about the 5- STAR hotels! Why they made an everlasting impression? It is because the hospitality and services they provide are essentially flawless, I am not asking you to provide all the services that a 5- star inn offers. That would not fit in, It is obvious that a 5- star would stand out whatsoever, rather what must a 2 to 3 Star hotel do to leave an impeccable mark on its customers as 5- star does.

Here are the few services that a motel should offer-


Staff should be excellently trained to be polite, gentle, and avoid using slang. Whenever they are seen by visitors they should maintain professionalism. Staff should address with respect and call by surnames. They should greet everyone as one enters and ask their guest if they seek to help. Exhibit in a proper way, do not slouch and cross your legs. They should be in well-dressed uniform with short hairs, nails being trimmed, avoid wearing fashion accessories, shoes being polished. Behave formally. Reflection of the hotel's staff, how it is, ultimately adds to its image.

Never eat, chew or drink in front of the guest, do not leisurely sit on the couch. Staff should follow all the instructions strictly given by hotel managers. A staff member should not pinpoint if the guest had asked for something, Rather guide them in the right direction. Staff should avoid having a conversation informally.


Fine dining table service can be intimidating and served as quite a good gesture of hospitality. Tableware and all the cutlery should be arranged accordingly. The silvers and the glassware should be cleanly polished to avoid water spots left in the cutlery. The small cotton cloth should be kept on the table.

After placing all the things, the type of table setting adds tons to the service. Staff should be acquainted with the rule of a formal table setting as this highlights a lot about the hotel services.

Observing keenly to needs of the guest and asking them at the right time should be prior in the staff head. After the guest has seated, wait for the right time to handover the menu. Do not rush into the table's conversation. Clearly explain the special delight and answer the questions that are asked. Take the order. After then, staff should be well trained about serving the dishes properly. How staff is serving the food that is seen by every guest present there, so they should follow open hand service method. Staff should not start cleaning the table without asking or when someone has not finished yet. Wait for all the guests to finish. At the time of clearing the table, do not stack up the dishes. This might seem to be an innocent time saver. Clear the dishes individually.

If that's done properly it would add a lot in building a hotel's image.


The hotel should essentially have amenities are as follows:

A welcome gift hampers upon arrival. Personalized care (combs, shaving cream, shower cap), Coffee Kit (maker, coffee, and creamer), Tissue box, Bathrobes, and slippers. Should give a free wi-fi internet service. Give them the option for pillows as many have hypoallergenic bedding so offering a soft cushion would help. Make your guests feel more at home. Hotels now generally offer these basic amenities to elevate their guest's experience. Should provide free breakfast to its guest whether it's a simple meal or continental food. A mini room fridge would be a great addition. A free ironing service, if your clothes get wrinkled and you need to attend a meeting then this would add a lot. A must-have fitness center as nobody wants to skip their workout routine even if they are on vacation. Provide 24/7 room service. All the other work services handled by the staff should be performed with complete professionalism.

Providing a delightful experience would help a lot in building the hotel's goodwill.

Serving your guest with the best is the ultimate way of a delightful experience.

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