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5 ways to strategize the Value Proposition of your Restaurant Brand

What do you think makes your customers visit your restaurant or like other restaurant brands more? Smart restaurant brand names definitely have something truly very compelling about them. And now having said that, some brands are definite to cross your mind.

What is a Value Proposition?

It refers to the promise that a restaurant brand or any other brand promises to deliver to its potential customers while enriching their lives. Adding technicalities, it is that marketing strategies that highlight the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of its restaurant brand. Or precisely we can say what value they earn for their money.

In this era of online marketing and industry, your food is your content. To create and promote your content you must have your unique selling proposition. you should answer the fundamental question of “why does this restaurant business exist? What problem or pain point am I solving for my customers?”

Therefore, here are the five ways in which you can strategize your restaurant and form a unique selling proposition.

Know who your customers are.

Before setting up a restaurant brand you need to clarify your potential and target market or market segment.

Your reach must not be limited but the limited reach must be reminded again and again about your positions.

The next step is to determine who your unique offerings will resonate with. Don’t try to be all things to all people. This dilutes your strengths and prevents your restaurant brand from targeting your ideal customers.

Know your customers’ likes and dislikes, know what they resonate and act accordingly.


Your content and style must be reflected directly by your menus, services, advertising websites, or social media accounts. They must depict the restaurant brand's USP.

Delete those formats not aligning with your restaurant brand or which doesn't communicate the USP. Use appealing colors focusing on your target market.

Innovation is the key, always keep yourself updated with new trends and savvy techniques like payment methods or RMS, and make sure every aspect of your restaurant brand lives up to your promise.

Training makes sure your unique selling proposition resonates internally with your staff. Set clear objectives and guidelines to help them represent your brand successfully.

Convey your specialty.

Know what you are and what you want to sell. Your specialty may lie in your dishes, services, theme, management, or in your staff. Anything it can be. It can even be a part of your attractive interior or your poise environment.

Always capture the market and customers with something new, persuasive, and communicate it as much as possible. Marketing what you do and making them ignore what they do must be your sole purpose.

Go online.

The biggest mistake many restaurants make is that they are still going by the means of offline marketing. In this era of advanced technology, going and promoting your content online is the need of the hour.

Employ yourself with all the digital media platforms. Take pictures, make videos, post it, write stunning captions, tell stories, go for reviews and feedback, address complaints online, write them back.

Even try to make your content and blog visible. Provide services for online orders and be available. Making your presence on the right platform will not only helo you find your customers but will also help your potential customers find you.

Own what you have.

Once you are done with the unique selling proposition of your Restaurant brand which resonates with your potential customers, you must own it. Never give up on that no matter what.

Revise it as much as possible. Keep drills and checks on staff and executives. Provide quarterly training or in a regular time period.

The best you can do is to take feedback from your customers. Try and evaluate what is the outcome of all feedbacks and if you feel it is what your restaurant brand USP, you can celebrate.

Also, hire employees that somewhere carry the same value proposition. This will automatically become easy.


Every restaurant needs to solidify its brand and its value proposition must convey it all. Starting from what are its recipes, services, and ending till its content. It is the crux of any restaurant.

If you are not aware of what your value proposition is, start by finding answers to questions like why do people visit your place? Why do people not visit your place?

Once you understand your unique spin, inject it into all of your material.

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