7 Habits to avoid by Every Restaurant Manager

Being a restaurant manager is the best career yet not a teddy job. Personalities who kinda own the managerial skills along with excelling in customer service, master a wide range of responsibilities, and food, of course, this can be an overwhelming option for any person who loves carrying unique baggage of multitasking.

Many of youngster’s career objective is to become a professional Restaurant manager, if you have the same goal, then this article is for you.

After the dark tunnel of the panic pandemic lockdown, what all restaurants surely need is proper management and a competent manager. Now and always, a restaurant is lived and breathed by a Manager. So it's not only important but very obvious for Restaurant Managers to be updated and inculcate and revise the qualities and changes in themselves.

If you are trying to be a successful restaurant manager then you should fairly look at these 7 habits to avoid and add value to your hard work.

1.Being Ignorant

Casualties are okay but making it a habit is not. And the working class hierarchy always follows what the upper level does. You expect your staff to act like a professional, manage every possibility, function in the same process as before, and be on time, then you should do the same.

Obviously, maintaining the hygiene conditions have been an important add on which might lead up to some trivial mishaps. Restaurant business operations were at halt since days and now that they have got back, it will take time to be on the usual track. You must do what you want them to follow and that is precisely the only key.

2.Being Inconsistent

You should be consistent with your policies and decisions if you want to maintain the level of quality service rendered from your restaurant. This will help you earn the respect of your staff toward you along with creating customer satisfaction.

Looking at all employees with the same eye and rendering a patterned service to all customers will embed these as your core services. This will help you earn some brownie points in like kinds of situations. If your policies are based on the moment and the person you are dealing with or being biased and impartial accordingly it can decrease your credibility. So try to be consistent.

3.Being Panicked

As a manager, you act as a leader/mentor to other staff. They rely on your problem solving and sense of decision