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Do you have these food packaging products and cutleries in your restaurants/cafes?

Cutlery for restaurant

As much as it is crucial for a chef to have the cutlery for the restaurant of perfect sizes and shapes, your diner has their eyes set on the kind of food packaging and presentation you are offering to them. A few 5-star hotels in our country have their own hotel cutlery set which has exquisite engraved designs, telling a unique story through pictures. Well, modern cafes are also looking back to the serene classics when it comes to interiors, cutleries, and food packaging.

So, all hands on deck! To bring more diners to the table, it is important to elevate their customer experience in terms of the services that your cafe is providing. It is seen that even with the best food in town, hotels and restaurants fail to survive and attract the attention of their customers. If the packaging isn’t appealing, people won’t come back to your cafe. Food packaging is the most common way to market your cafe among people. Taking into consideration the cafes of the capital city, Horeca Stop presents this comprehensive guide with a list of must-have cutleries and food packaging products that can definitely add value to your customers’ dining experience.


Edible and non-edible cutlery

In simple terms, edible cutlery is made up of safe-to-eat ingredients. This kind of cutlery was introduced to promote sustainability and minimize waste reduction. On the contrary, non-edible cutlery cannot be eaten. It is reusable and can be used for a year every day.

All you need to know about spoons, forks, and knives

Cafes and restaurants use different types of spoons, forks, and knives. Cutlery for the restaurant gives company to your food and helps to pick food bites properly. Knives, in particular, are used to cut food and make bites.

Spoon for hotels

  • Dinner spoon: It has a long spherical cup. Food items for the main course are served with the help of this spoon. It helps to take just the exact amount of rice, stew, or gravy. It is always used with a dessert knife or a fork.

  • Dessert spoon, dessert knife, and dessert fork: These are smaller than their main course counterparts and are used for desserts.

  • Tea/coffee spoons: These spoons have smaller cups than dessert spoons. These spoons are used to stir tea or coffee.

  • Its circular cup is designed to look like a flower. It is used to scoop out sugar from a sugar bowl.

  • Ice cream spoon: This little spoon's flat rim can help you scoop out the perfect quantity of ice cream. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

  • It has a short, rectangular blade with a sharp edge on the bottom part. It can be used to slice semi-firm bits of butter and spread them on bread.

  • Soup spoon: It features a cup that is slightly more round than a tablespoon. Its length is similar to a dinner spoon.


Bio Degradable packaging for restaurant and cloud kitchen

Ever googled ‘cafe near me?' Well, online food ordering is becoming the most preferred method by people these days. For takeaways, food packaging plays a significant role. It acts as a marker of the quality of service provided by your hotel and restaurants. The airtight containers are reused in Indian households to store other items as well. That’s how your brand gets marketed. Let us see the wide variety of food packaging products that can help your cafe stand out in the capital city!

  • Customizable boxes

Innovative custom boxes can make you stand out and give your guests a pleasant experience. Also, it helps you personalize the customers ’ experience, enhancing their perspective of your restaurant. You may decorate the packaging with cartoon stickers if you know a customer who has children at home. You may even think about turning the packaging into a collectible item with a variety of patterns. Alternatively, you could add the customers' names to each order to make it more personalized. Remember to highlight that the container is recyclable as well. People will be driven to use it once, resulting in helping the environment.

  • Edible wrappers

The edible wrapper, which is made of rice paper and edible ink, enables you to package your meals so that they are delivered to customers securely and without causing environmental damage. When KFC developed a 200% edible wrapper to pack their well-known double-down sandwich, edible wrappers grew in trend and popularity.

  • Eco-friendly packaging

Use biodegradable containers if you're opting for a more affordable packaging solution. Make sure it doesn't, however, compromise with your restaurant meal delivery services.

Eco-friendly packaging benefits the environment and appeals to customers who believe in and actively contribute to sustainability. Various environmentally friendly packing choices are available for online delivery orders. Some of them are:

  • Glass bottles

  • Bamboo

  • Rice husk

  • Banana leaves

  • Cardboard or paper

  • Bioplastics

67% of customers prefer to receive their products in recyclable packaging. Now is the time to think about food packaging options for your cafe. Although your food can be undoubtedly the best in town, poor packaging will probably result in long-term customer loss. Make your cafe the talk of the town with the above-discussed cutlery and food packaging checklist.


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