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Majestic food presentations with amazing glassware

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

A refreshing beer glass or margarita can definitely be your savior on a hot summer night. Well, if you are taking alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks at a restaurant, what is that one thing that catches your attention in a blink?

The answer is clearly ‘food presentation and plating.’ To all the food lovers out there, a one-time-watch snap sent by your friend showing a fancy drink with steam coming off it, creating a magical aura around it, is undoubtedly appealing to your eyes as well as your taste buds. These mocktails are complemented by breathtaking glassware, which you will not find in your home. These mocktails hit the spot since they can be served up in a fruity flavor as well as a non-boozy cosmo in martini glasses. These heavenly drinks look stunning; your cravings are served in style. Not a lot of restaurants put the effort into giving their customers such a dining experience. If you are looking forward to making the dining experience wholesome for your customers, we at Horeca Stop are introducing a series of magnificent glassware which are perfect for your hotel or restaurant. Now, let's dive deeply and unveil the wonders of food presentation!

Food presentation and its importance

What are you most likely to share on social media? The best experience of your life! Similarly, a good food presentation creates a buzz among customers. If it connects with them, it is like an artwork that seeks their attention. A good food presentation also adds value to your customers, which they share with their audience through social media platforms.

  • An out-of-the-world experience

Cooking is an art. It brings out the creativity of the chef and helps them stand out from the crowd. We believe in ‘first impression is the last impression.’ Well, before tasting food, our judgment is solely influenced by how the food looks. You can pour and have a beer glass at home, but there is a reason why people visit The Beer Cafe.


Beyond attracting new customers, food presentation plating becomes an important factor in pricing. The presentation of food impacts the charges for food and service. If the food presentation is marvelous, people are going to pay more, even for a lesser quantity.

  • It speaks for the quality.

It is very common practice to have fancy crockery, cutlery, and glassware to showcase their standard and value. When the food is plainly or poorly served, it highlights mismanagement and low-quality service. Food presentation works as a magic wand that convinces customers of top quality and rigorous care.

  • A Tool for Effective Restaurant Marketing

The terms like "food vlogging", "foodgasm", "foodie", and "food aesthetics" are mostly used in restaurant marketing. If you want a trending hashtag for your cafe, forget the technicalities and connect with your customers by serving quality food with an amazing presentation. It will do good for your own social media profile. The images on your restaurant’s profile should be filled with delicious and well-presented dishes so that people will know the variety of food and amenities available at your restaurant. The profiles and interest of people in food vlogging have increased tremendously. So, make sure to develop people’s desires with your exclusive food presentation, which lands your platter on their Instagram story or post. In a way, the existing customers are the best word-of-mouth marketers.

Types of glassware for hotels and restaurants

  • Champagne Wine Glasses.

Champagne wine glasses speak of elegance and royalty. Remember those English dramas showcasing their class by the gesture of taking a sip of red wine in beautiful champagne glasses? Well, the wine glass set is made to give an exquisite champagne drinking experience to the customers. These glasses are uniquely crafted with the finest quality materials to cater to wine savants and food lovers.

  • Handicraft Glasses

Exceptionally designed to leave diners in awe, these handcrafted glasses align with the imagination of modern customers. An excellent choice for 5-star hotels, these glasses come with the quality of resistance to any breakage, chipping, scratching, and thermal shock. These Indian glasses come in unpredictable and unthinkable shapes and sizes, which rule them over people's hearts.

  • Beer glasses

With the growing concern for health and sobriety, people are more inclined towards preferring light beer and classic lime combos. With the solid handle, the beer glass has the perfect handheld size for beer lovers, and it can be used for serving milkshakes and soda drinks as well. Customers will enjoy an everlasting quality time with these classic beer glasses, which they will feel in every sip. The beer glasses are thick and do not break easily.

To bring a sense of assurance as soon as their order is delivered to the table, invest in fanciful glassware and crockery that go well with the food, and just wait for the wonders and multi-fold reactions of your customers! Visit our website to shop for amazing glassware from here Horeca stop

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