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How to run a restaurant business in COVID-19 pandemics?

Nearly every business is undergoing a crisis due to COVID-19. Transmitting the respiratory virus primarily through droplets generated by an infected individual and then touching a contaminated surface, the food sector and the restaurant business are widely disrupted by this proliferating pandemic. Undoubtedly in this season of major lock-down, food delivery is the only option, where staying back at home for everyone is saved as a significant protective measure. So if restaurant businesses don't offer this facility, you will have to starve till the lock-down ends, especially those who cannot check their skills at cooking. For others, you still have that golden chance to make a mint.

However, even in this pandemic panic, we can still keep our restaurant business growing by making accurate modifications. So restaurants who still cant see their lovely customers go famish, they can cope with the situation in the following ways:

Reach out to your customers:

This global pandemic is a worldwide concern and safety and hygiene have become a priority. It is highly critical that you make them aware of the quality and safety of your food. Give them an insight into the hygienic conditions under which their food is prepared in your space. Stretch forth to your frequent old customers. They already have that trust in you. Take an additional advantage. Let them know the entire story of your cautions in the pandemic panic while addressing your main service.

Social-media Marketing: Create a strong online presence along with being influential. Make the best use of social media to win the hearts of customers with quality measures taken on food safety. It is the best time to grow your restaurant business just by implementing such plans! Keep posting photos of your mouth-watering delicacies on Instagram and Facebook. Also, make people aware of Corona. Give them daily tips to survive this pandemic and remain Corona free. Let them enjoy the posts through your funny feeds. Keep yourself socially active. Make them realize your restaurant kitchen as their home kitchen, almost nothing different. You can make videos of the procedure you follow right from preparing food to the contact less delivery assigned.

Have a check on your staff: It is equally important that you instruct your employees to follow a hygienic procedure. For that matter keep an eagle eye. Prepare a guideline for hand washing and make sure everyone follows it. Disinfect all parts of the restaurant and make sure sanitizers, masks, gloves, and wipes are available in bulk for all your work pals. For that matter, you can always get in touch with Horeca stop.

Promote cashless payments: This is to make sure that both your customers and delivery men are safe. Make your customers believe that safety and hygiene values are deeply inculcated in your business chores. Also,delivery men are more prone to this deadly virus than anyone else, so by the time they reach the restaurant, they should sanitize themselves.

Make changes in your menu: In this global crisis, it is highly probable that most of the ingredients are not available. So cut down the out-of-scope dishes. It is high time that you start planning how to optimize the available resources by coming out with new dishes and making changes to older ones. Try to give the essence of the homemade food through your menu. Show them their creativity with food.

Ensure workplace safety:

Make sure that you provide the necessary support to your employees. Having a COVID-19 check is a must. Any worker with symptoms of Coronavirus should be isolated for the greater good. In this tough time, you might have lesser workers than needed. Apply social distancing, sanitizing of the door handle, tables chair, and other contacted objects by the customers.

With Coronavirus cases rising every day, your battle against all odds to keep your restaurant business running will get more challenging day by day. New policies need to be adopted and adjustments are to be made with the current situation. Making a profit while prioritizing both customers and employee's health in this situation is indeed a daunting task. No doubt, this Coronavirus has made life impossible for most of us. But always remember, in this situation of crisis, we all are united to fight against Corona!



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