How to widen your Restaurant Brand as a Franchise?

Where having more than one franchise of a particular brand portrays a big picture of its higher rate of profit, doesn’t always indicate the same. The matter of concern for having an additional franchise can be because of three reasons- generation of money, man and time.

What is a Restaurant Franchise?

Once restaurant owners accomplish success on one by following the business models they resort to franchising i.e. to expand their businesses. This needs a lot of investment initially, which can be slightly risky. So to eliminate the factor of risk, the franchisor (the owner of the parent company) grants third party operators (franchisee) to use the intellectual property held by the brand, its patents, trademarks, and marketing plans in the exact same order as the parent brand.

This not only comes with perplexing operational protocols and mixed challenges but also gives a sense of business ownership to the franchisees.

Tips on expanding restaurant business into a franchise.

Managing all branches all on their own becomes a tedious task, therefore, owners share their business plan, Trademark and brand name with independent owners aka franchisees. The following are the cues that one should follow before indulging as a franchisee.

  • Evaluate your franchise model: The first and foremost step is to evaluate your current business model end-to-end to avoid any discrepancies later on. Your concept must be standardized and scalable. Your model must be profitable and you must also take care of your brand values.

Make sure that the same model is transferred to the franchisee. As after franchising, there is always a risk of dilution of brand value due to underperformance. Plan elements that make your restaurant a renowned brand - the secret recipe, your theme, decor everything that defines your brand.

  • Cost Structure: Look into your cost structure and find out the initial setting cost, infrastructure development, technology, and human resources and pass onto the new franchisees.

This will help them to avoid the same mistakes you did and help them manage trends effectively and efficiently. The execution will automatically be accelerated and will become smooth. In no time you will see a completely new establishment identical to the parent brand.

  • Trademark and Logo Registration: When you franchise your restaurant, you give someone the right to use the “Your” logo and trademark i.e. parent brand holding. Hence and foremost, registering your Brand’s logo and acquiring a trademark is the most important chore, yet this is the often most ignored step before franchising your restaurant. After doing it will also increase your reach to the franchise and expand more easily, justifying your authenticity.