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Is Contact-less Delivery a safe pick for Customers amid Coronavirus Lockdown?

There are moments where you are very hungry but you don't feel like cooking. Also, you are well aware that the dine-out option is currently unapproachable. Of course, we know, practicing personal hygiene and social distancing is a must to fight against this deadly Coronavirus, but barring yourself from your favorite food is not correct! While eating outside food is not safe, but you can still add color to your lockdown - quarantined life by ordering your favorite delicacy from your favorite restaurant. Why do you think restaurants have been operating on delivery models in this lockdown period...? - Yeah!!! Studies have shown the virus can only be spread through touch or contact, this means we can kick out the fear of getting ourselves infected from food. Only if certain safety measures are followed by the restaurants and you hold enough confidence on that, you can turn moments to memory with those mouth-watering delicacies. What is a Contact-less Delivery?

In this atmosphere of uncertainty, where people are already dealing with lifestyle changes, they want some sure guarantee and convenience when it comes to Delivery at door-step. It can be Food, Grocery, Medicines any necessity items. Hence comes the term Contact -less delivery. In this, customers expect no contact means that the driver drops the delivery on their doorstep instead of directly handing it over to the customers. This is to avoid face-to-face communication between customers and drivers and drop the possibility of getting infected. However, taking into account the fact that the delivery personnel is exposed to the outside atmosphere and travels miles to come to your house, there lies a faint possibility of him carrying Covid-19 viruses along with him and delivering the deadly disease right at your doorstep. Hence, the step to sanitize and disinfect the packet before use should be taken before anything. Things you should consider before picking up for Contact-less delivery: 1. Have a thorough and careful search of the restaurant you are choosing. Pay attention to the safety measures they have pressed in their restaurant functioning. 2. Choose your dishes wisely. Go for dishes and delicacies whose ingredients are easily available in the market. By doing this you can expect yourself to reduce the possibility of having vegetables and ingredients that were kept in cold storage. 3. Take a deep look at the feedback and the reviews shared by other customers on their website or the food delivering apps. Since the reviews can be manipulated, make sure to visit the old feedback and reviews. This will give you a piece of true knowledge about the restaurant's reputation. 4. You must consider the stake of the brand in the market. An old brand will never serve disliked food and it already pays much attention to the details to keep their prior regular customers satisfied. 5. Learn how they are delivering and notifying you on their arrival. This means making sure the forms of communication they are choosing to inform you. Is it knocking, usual ringing, or sms? Not all of us like sharing our personal details, so you can count on this too. 6. Go through the entire procedure of how the restaurant is handling the rejection and complain about the issue faced on the ordered food. This will create less havoc later if needed. 7. You should also check for the payment mode. It is quite obvious of having an online payment, but just to avoid last-minute chaos, you must check for it. Is it a card payment, or other online payment mode or CODs (Cash on Delivery). You know that right? - Even though everyone is advised to wear masks and gloves, there is a chance that your food has been prepared by a person who carries the deadly virus with him. So, to make sure your delicious delicacy is safe, do not forget to heat it before you can enjoy it! Indeed, the corona has paralyzed people, snatching away from them the freedom to live life to the fullest.

While people are sick of sitting at home, absolutely jobless, and eating the same food daily, eating good food at the comfort of their own home can still be enjoyed, provided both the restaurants and the customers instill in them safe and healthy habits of personal hygiene and social distancing.

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