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Tips to Reopen your Restaurant after the Corona Outbreak.

Life ain't going to be the same - in all perspectives. We all know that for sure. Where people are buckling up to continue living with the panic around, businesses are also preparing fairly to deal either together or individually with the same.

Nonetheless, With this global pandemic snatching a fair amount of profit from the businesses leaving them in an absolute state of disaster, it is high time not to give up hope and survive with positive thinking that after the storm, comes the sunshine. No doubt, the time for the sky to get entirely clear is far from reality, but you still can expect a rise in your sales after this pandemic gets over.

The fear of getting infected will still prevail in the minds of people so if you are thinking to re-open your restaurant after this lockdown season comes to an end, changes are to be made in your business strategies to survive in the market.

So let's find out for the tips that can help you to take a trump on other restaurants :

A stellar menu is a must.

In this global crisis, it is highly probable that most of the ingredients will not be available after the lockdown gets over. So cut down the out-of-scope dishes. It is high time that you start planning how to optimize the available resources by coming out with new dishes and making changes to older ones. Why should your customers choose you over others? You should definitely have something special to offer that is common yet an exception. Put a dash of creativity in your menu dishes.

Food delivery will continue to exist.

Even after the lockdown gets over, the fear of COVID 19 will continue haunting people. The practice of social distancing is unlikely to go. So prioritise your online selling. Establish a solid online presence by using all sorts of digital marketing tools. Either register yourself on platforms like Zomato, Swiggy etc.or start delivering all by yourself. After all, a good amount of online deliveries can save you a hell lot of bucks and can be like a savior!

Offer discount voucher:

So that the customers do not leave you after their first order, make sure you give them enough discounts on subsequent purchases. Attracting people using this strategy is best. Also, do not forget to give them free coupons during the time of food delivery which will only be valid if the customers decide to dine out. This is indeed an interesting way to draw customers to your restaurants after the lockdown ends.

Add a free item :

Everybody likes it when you get something more than actually required. For that matter you can add a side dish for absolutely free of charge. This might make customers fall in love with you. You can also make the delivery cost-free to impress them. Give your customers about 2-3 options for what they would like to have as a complementary dish. This will be like a cherry on the top.

Promote cashless payments.

This is to make sure that both your customers and delivery men are safe. Even after the lockdown, it is not 100% risk-free to go out. Delivery men are more prone to this deadly virus than anyone else, so by the time they reach the restaurant, they should sanitize themselves. Also, practice doesn't touch during delivery, by promoting to leave the packet before the gates of customers without touching them.

Ensure workplace safety

To satiate the concerned customers make sure your staff is following strict hygiene rules. This will not only impress them but will also make sure that both your customers and staff members are safe. You can always hang interesting graphics all over in order to show your follow-ups to maintain workplace safety. This can bring more confidence to your customers as well.

Make people aware of your existence through social media platforms:

If there is anything in the world that will help you to reach out to your customers easily then it is Instagram. You can consider Facebook as well. Bring out the photographer in you! Take out that ultra-cool smartphone, adjust the brightness, stand at a perfect angle, and CLICK! Post photos of your dishes online and let your customers drool!

Even after the lockdown gets over, the culture of dining out will take time to go back to what it was previously. Socializing will be avoided for a while. So, this means after the outbreak you have to single-handedly manage both dine out and home delivery facilities. This will indeed be a daunting task but, who knows, following our tips might make it as simple as a cup of tea!



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