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Revitalize Your Horeca Space with the KonMari Method: Spark Joy in Every Corner!

In recent years, the KonMari method has become increasingly popular in Horeca establishments for its innovative approach to optimizing spaces. Developed by Marie Kondo, a renowned Japanese organizing consultant and author, the KonMari method is more than just a cleaning regimen; it's a philosophy aimed at revolutionizing your Horeca environment by surrounding yourself solely with elements that evoke joy. In this article, we'll delve into the core principles of the KonMari method and offer a step-by-step guide to decluttering your Horeca space with joy.

The Art of KonMari Cleaning in Horeca Industry

The KonMari Method: A Methodical Approach to Decluttering

  1. Commit to Streamlining: The first step in the KonMari method is to fully commit to streamlining your Horeca space. This entails dedicating specific time and effort to focus on decluttering and organizing.

  2. Envision Your Ideal Setting: Before commencing the decluttering process, take a moment to envision your ideal Horeca ambiance. What kind of environment do you aspire to create? This visualization will serve as a guiding beacon throughout your decluttering journey.

  3. Prioritize Discard, Then Organize: Unlike traditional cleaning approaches, the KonMari method emphasizes discarding items before organizing them. This involves systematically assessing each category of items in your Horeca space and retaining only those that bring joy.

  4. Categorize and Tidy: Marie Kondo suggests categorizing items and tidying them accordingly, rather than organizing them based on location. Gather all items of a specific category, such as tableware or decor, in one designated area before making decisions.

  5. Follow a Specific Order: In the KonMari method, there's a prescribed order for tidying categories: tableware, decor, supplies, equipment, and sentimental items. This sequence is designed to maintain momentum throughout the decluttering process.

  6. Question the Joy Factor: Central to the KonMari method is the principle of retaining only items that spark joy. When deciding whether to keep or discard an item, assess its ability to evoke joy. If it doesn't, express gratitude for its service and let it go.

  7. Opt for Vertical Folding: Marie Kondo recommends folding items vertically rather than horizontally. This not only conserves space but also allows for a comprehensive view of all items, facilitating easier selection.

  8. Arrange Items Visually: The KonMari method emphasizes arranging items in a visually appealing manner. This fosters a sense of tranquility and organization in your Horeca space.

Examples and Inspirations from the Industry

One of the most notable demonstrations of the KonMari method in action is showcased in Marie Kondo's publication, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." Through this book, Kondo illustrates her method and shares real-life instances of its transformative impact on Horeca environments.

Another source of inspiration lies in observing the application of the KonMari method in prominent Horeca establishments worldwide. By embracing this method, these establishments have witnessed heightened efficiency and aesthetic appeal in their operations.


The KonMari method presents a structured approach to decluttering and optimizing your Horeca space with joy. By adhering to its principles and focusing on retaining only joy-evoking items, you can cultivate a more serene and inspiring environment for both patrons and staff. Embrace the KonMari method and discover how the art of joy-infused decluttering can revolutionize your Horeca establishment.


1. What exactly is the KonMari method?

The KonMari method is a systematic approach to decluttering and organizing spaces, developed by Marie Kondo. Rooted in the philosophy of retaining items that "spark joy," this method involves categorizing and tidying items in a specific sequence to create a harmonious environment.

2. What is it like to follow the KonMari Method? Does it work?

Following the KonMari method can be a transformative experience characterized by a sense of accomplishment and revitalization. Many Horeca establishments have reported tangible benefits, such as improved efficiency, aesthetics, and overall ambiance, following its implementation.

3. Have Marie Kondo's tidying techniques proven beneficial for Horeca settings?

Indeed, many Horeca establishments have found Marie Kondo's tidying techniques to be highly beneficial. Her methodical approach and emphasis on joy-infused decluttering resonate well with the industry's quest for efficiency and excellence.

4. What are some obvious flaws of the KonMari method?

While the KonMari method has garnered widespread acclaim, some individuals may find its rigidity and subjective nature challenging. Additionally, its effectiveness may vary depending on the specific dynamics of each Horeca establishment.

5. How does the concept of "sparking joy" relate to maintaining a clutter-free Horeca space?

The concept of "sparking joy" serves as a guiding principle in the KonMari method, influencing decisions regarding item retention. By prioritizing joy-evoking items, Horeca establishments can create clutter-free environments that exude positivity and harmony.



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