So you think your Masks, Gloves, Sanitizers, and PPE Kits are safe enough to fight COVID- 19

The Coronavirus guideline laid by the WHO, significantly states “a must” and frequent use of Masks, Gloves, Sanitizers and PPE Kit (if more prone to Corona patients). But the point lies and is a matter of concern - the safety and surety of these products and equipment. Are they certified? Is the sanitizer alcohol-based? Are they at the fair price? Did you make the right choice? – So are the certain bunch of questions that all of us usually muse over.

The recent cases in some states of price gauging of fake masks, fake sanitizers, and uncertified hand sanitizers left the nation harshly gazing over the in-transparency of government and the third party market platforms.

Meanwhile the cohesion, there are bodies that function selflessly amid the great pandemic panic. The Municipalities, Hospitals, the Police dept., Banks, Insurance Institutions, Manufacturing units, Petrol pumps, Charity Organizations, NGO’s, Grocery stores, Pharmacies, who are working selflessly just to assure the safety of the populace and keep them updated with their daily needs.

Also, with the fall in time and some states showing naught in the coronavirus cases, the Government has decided to ease the lockdown partially. In this, small businesses are allowed to function on a daily basis, with some conditions applied.

Think about what a massacre it would be if these helping bodies are not facilitated with the most honest and trusted protective equipment. How they should be more confident and sure about their protection purchases made? Don’t they deserve the best personal protection equipment aiding them to work more magnanimously?

Well, where every business is fronting to bat the panic together, a growing start-up business like Horeca Stop has pioneered a new approach. An Omni-channel- B2B company that belongs to the F&B industry, has transformed its entire operating model. Gearing the Hotel, Restaurants, and Catering supply with the Virus Fighting Store in the existing model is done to meet the current havoc scenario.

The Corona Fighting Store of Horeca Stop entertains all kinds of bulk orders along with addressing the concerns that purchasers must consider while moving to purchase their safety equipment. Let’s find them in detail: