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The Rise of Food Delivery Services: Adapting Hotel Business in the New Era

The hotel industry in India is facing a significant shift in consumer behavior, driven by the rise of delivery services. This theoretical framework explores the impact of delivery services on the hotel industry, drawing on empirical evidence from various fields. We propose a conceptual model for adapting the hotel business to this new era, incorporating market analysis, service development, and marketing strategy.

Rise of Food Delivery Services in Hotel Industry

The delivery service market in India has experienced rapid growth, with the online food delivery market projected to reach INR 1,134 billion by 2025 (Ken Research, 2022). This trend is driven by changing consumer preferences, seeking convenience and flexibility (Huang & Chen, 2020).

Literature Review

Studies have shown that guests expect hotels to offer delivery services, with 70% willing to pay more for hotels that offer food delivery (Hotel Technology, 2022). Hotels face competition from food delivery services, with 60% of consumers ordering food delivery from restaurants and hotels (National Restaurant Association, 2022). Offering delivery services can increase revenue and enhance the guest experience (Cornell University, 2022).

Theoretical Framework

Our conceptual model adapts the Service-Dominant Logic (SDL) framework (Vargo & Lusch, 2004) to the hotel industry in India, incorporating delivery services. The model comprises:

  1. Market Analysis: Understanding guest preferences and demand for delivery services.

  2. Service Development: Developing hotel delivery services, including menu engineering and logistics management.

  3. Marketing Strategy: Creating effective marketing strategies to promote hotel delivery services and attract new customers.

Empirical Evidence

Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of our conceptual model. For example, a hotel chain in India that implemented delivery services saw a significant increase in guest satisfaction and revenue growth of INR 1.2 million per annum (Horeca Stop, 2022).


The rise of food delivery services presents both challenges and opportunities for the hotel industry in India. By adapting to this new era, hotels can enhance the guest experience, increase revenue, and stay competitive. Our theoretical framework provides a conceptual model for hotels to navigate this transition, supported by empirical evidence from various fields.


How has the rise of delivery services impacted the hotel industry in India?

The rise of delivery services has changed consumer behavior, with guests expecting hotels to offer food delivery services.

Why are delivery services becoming increasingly popular among consumers?

Consumers are seeking convenience and flexibility, driving the growth of delivery services in the hotel industry.

What are the benefits of hotels offering delivery services?

Hotels can increase revenue, enhance the guest experience, and stay competitive by offering delivery services.

How can hotels adapt to the new era of delivery services?

Hotels can adapt by understanding guest preferences, developing delivery services, and implementing effective marketing strategies.

What is the Service-Dominant Logic (SDL) framework, and how does it apply to the hotel industry?

The SDL framework focuses on the co-creation of value between service providers and customers, which is relevant for hotels offering delivery services.

How can hotels conduct market analysis to understand guest preferences for delivery services?

Hotels can use market research techniques to gather data on guest preferences and demand for delivery services.

What are some key considerations in developing hotel delivery services?

Hotels should focus on menu engineering, logistics management, and ensuring a seamless delivery experience for guests.

How can hotels effectively market their delivery services to attract new customers?

Hotels can use targeted marketing strategies, including social media marketing and partnerships with food delivery platforms, to promote their delivery services.

What are some success stories of hotels that have implemented delivery services?

Hotels that have implemented delivery services have seen an increase in guest satisfaction and revenue growth.

What are the future trends in delivery services that hotels should be aware of?

Hotels should be aware of technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and competition from food delivery platforms in the future.



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