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Tips to Work from Home amid the Coronavirus lockdown.

Well where Coronavirus is a threat, it bears a lot of opportunities with itself. The restrictions on moving out have wrapped us within the four walls. But for some businesses, "the show must go on". Hence many companies have called on for work from home.

It takes little time to adapt to new changes and so is work from home. We are facing a challenging situation with a clear emphasis on work from home operations by businesses and government. A sudden change in the work environment and surroundings might make work from home a bit problematic for some people, in the beginning. But it's not that hard, it got desirous perks!!

Remote working or WFH (Work From Home) is effective in multiple phases and categories. It confirms that employees are safe and productive, and transforms businesses, by furnishing them with resilient and adaptive ways to captivate customers and enhance business.

Like every other thing on earth, it also possesses some pros and cons. Let's roll our eyes quickly on them:


  • Increases productivity

  • Flexible hours

  • Saves money and time

  • Eliminates traveling hassle

  • Mental and physical peace.

  • Own mood workspace.


  • Isolation

  • Internet connections

  • Lack of a working environment

  • Distractions

  • Disturb work and life balance

  • Disturbed Communication

  • Security concerns

If there is a will there is always a way. So you still can win over the cons and actually be a "Pro". Take a look at these tips, you will undoubtedly be able to control the entire world right from the comfort of your own home.

  • While the bedroom might make you feel sleepy, the drawing-room might be full of chaos, every place has a behavior making work impossible. Time has come to explore your home and discover the perfect place that suits you. You know your home well. Find the one for yourself, like the storeroom of your childhood days.

  • Now that you are done with a suitable place for you, sketch out a routine keeping in mind that you need breaks at intervals. List out the Do's of the entire day. This will help you know your daily workload and will help you maintain balance in life and time allotments.

  • Take regular intervals. Remember, this is not your office with peers surrounding you all the time and motivating you to not move from the desk till you are done. You cannot stick to that monotonous, sedentary office style while working from home. So your new routine should definitely have a few exciting or rejuvenating intervals to get recharged. Some fresh air and a mug of coffee or green tea will keep you fresh for long- Ah! That's my favorite.

  • Internet connection is a must. Make sure to have a hassle-free connection. It should not give you headaches while working. This is disturbing while communicating with your co-workers or seniors. It can also create a bad impression on others.

  • There are times when you need to go on video conferencing calls. Then a sober dressing with light makeup is a must, maybe a light solid color dress with no stripes and fancy things. That will help you earn brownie points. You will actually look more convincing and your half work is done.

  • Do not forget about the etiquette while being on Con-calls or office group video calls. Maintain that line between professionalism and casualty. Avoid wearing bold caption printed t-shirts. Still get dressed up in a shirt or what you would prefer while being at the office.

It is suggested not to work in pajamas even if the option is open to you. In order to create that office atmosphere, you need to dress up like that. Pick up a working area and you are good to start. Separate from your leisure area.

  • This time is perfect to skill yourself up. If you lack a certain skill or want a promotion by learning something new, go ahead as this is the right time. The internet is everywhere. So, utilize your time and do something new. Don't forget to surprise your coworkers and impress your boss, after the lockdown gets over.

  • Personal hygiene and care should be given the utmost importance. Remember, we are all fighting against the deadly Coronavirus by staying indoors. So we should not let ourselves fall prey to sickness. Allotting a certain time for yoga or workout is necessary. There are certain apps which make workouts from home interesting and fun. Download one and give yourself a nice break from your otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

Yes, work from home is not as easy as it initially seemed to be. Working efficiently along with lending attention to personal care is a bit challenging. Setting up a workspace in your family space can be daunting but if you have a routine planned before you start, you can make things under your control, provided you are disciplined enough to follow it.

The above-mentioned tips will definitely help you evolve as much productive and effective, maybe more than you previously were. Do let us know in the comment section how helpful were these tips to pack your work from home schedule.

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