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Post Covid Recovery estimation of hospitality Industry

The situation and condition of the country as a whole would take a minimum of 2 years to get back to normal. Every sector of the economy says primary, secondary, tertiary or we can say, manufacturers, retailers, or wholesalers are affected immensely and everybody is suffering from losses and it would take time to be back on edge again. If we talk about hospitality trends, the scenario of travels and tourism will take some time as others, the first and foremost getting rid of the fear of covid.

Everybody has set their eyes on traveling because it's been a very long time since people have been on vacations, because of the covid, it's not happening as usual. But after a certain period, tours and travels would be at a peak. Horeca Stop has done some research on post covid hospitality trends and came up with these views of people.

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I m not sure because third-wave prediction is there and after seeing devastation in 2nd wave people are scared and now they won’t show complacency by going out in crowded places. As far as dining experience is concerned people will prefer outside seating and big places for dining and PDRs (Private Dining Rooms) will catch the attention which is only present in very few fine dining eateries.

And if we talk about developed countries most of them are vaccinated with 92% efficacy( Pfizer etc) and in India, we would take 6 more months to get vaccinated than too many metros and mini-metros so surge will be seen in both sectors but it will not be same like 2019! So our comparison should be from 2019 not after the first lockdown.

This is a clear picture of how patient an individual has to be before the coronavirus ends because the process of vaccination will take much time as compared to developed countries like America. If we see, earlier in 2003 hospitality industry was shattered by SARS disease that was widespread. And had pretty much the same effect on every industry but by the time everything recovered and every industry got back to its normal.

So here is the thing being patient with circumstances is what everyone should practice and there would be a huge spike in every industry because everyone is keen to give a kick start to their businesses and hence will back to normal.

Covid Precautions For Hospitality Industry

Now let’s talk about the post covid precautions hospitality industry should keep in mind for the safety of the hotel staff and ultimate guest experience:

For the health and safety of the hotel staff, they should first vaccinate all of them with their families and new hires should also be vaccinated and strictly they should work 8 hours with 2 days off as these industries have most stretched working hours.

Also do not forget to use covid essentials like mask, gloves, sanitizer, thermal scanner in new normal because these are the mandatory precaution that would save us from the third wave.

And hoteliers do not need to wide search for the covid essentials as Horeca Stop had already taken care of it.

Introducing you to our Virus Fighting Store with all the covid essentials listed.

The employees should be covered with hefty term plans so if god forbid something happens to the employee his / her family should be financially taken care of and a lot of such policies should be enforced. This year would not see any spike if we compare it with 2019! this year would remain as a downfall.

But, if we see the hoteliers can wisely use this leisure time by investing their time in marketing and doing research on hospitality trends and factors that would strike post covid.

Apart from the advertisement, hoteliers can focus on the upcoming hospitality trends to be in lead from their competitors and give themselves the ultimate spike as it begins. Keep a check on all the tactics like contactless guest experience, how to integrate more, data-driven decisions, etc.

Therefore, doing certain research at this time and adapting effective methods would work.



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