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Top 5 Hospitality Trends in 2021

2020 was a year like no other. However, the pandemic has accelerated advancements within the hospitality industry that will only help to enhance the experience for the guests and further streamline hotel operations. Travel, Tourism and Hospitality are the hardest-hit industries by the COVID 19 pandemic and it's resulting in restriction on travel and lockdown in many places.

Top 5 Hospitality Trends in 2021:

  • Data-Driven Decision: Enhancing the guest experience using real-time information will be a real difference-maker. Leveraging mobile reporting and analytics, hoteliers can anticipate guest's needs and provide a more personalized stay. HORECA STOP is the e-procurement hassle-free platform for the hospitality industry.

  • More Integration: Hoteliers would be looking to integrate third-party solutions to enhance their product offering. Also, integration can be increased by engaging with your customer and by enhancing the customer experience. CRM would be the best way to understand your customer better.

From revenue management to mobile check-in, to guest communication-these integration will be even more important in the coming months of 2021. As there would be fewer travel restrictions, life would come to normal after covid ends, therefore approaching contactless to their guest would be more convenient.

  • Cloud Technology: Cloud Technology will be more important for hotels in 2021. With the ability to access the property management system from anywhere and on any device, hoteliers can streamline operations and gain insights on the go.

Let's see how cloud technology is the future of the hospitality industry or it will help hoteliers in a certain way-

  1. It will help in gathering important data points to anticipate customers and thus exceed guest expectations.

  2. It allows better connectivity.

  3. It will easily record and follow up on guest's requests, Personalized experience and thus exceed guest expectation.

  • Text message Communication: With the 98% open rate, text communication will enhance the way hotels engage with guests. With text message communication, hoteliers can send pre-arrival messages and promotional offers, while engaging with guests on a more personal level.

Personalization would be the ultimate game-changer and the contactless service would be majorly preferred and is requested to every hotelier to plan accordingly, and take this as a planning and researching period to kick start with full energy in the coming months, if you are thinking to increase the market for your hospitality industry, then here is how you can utilize this leisure time by marketing your hotels, how it will help you?

As the covid comes to an end, Domestic travel would ultimately gear up the hospitality industry. Also, the covid essentials would be the necessity and it would be new normal to carry a mask, sanitizers, gloves, etc. HORECASTOP has made it an easy and hassle-free platform for its to procure the covid essentials and stocked it already for a wide population.

HORECASTOP Segmented virus-fighting store for better customer experience.

  • Contactless Solutions: As the result of this pandemic, contactless technology quickly became one of the most important features for hoteliers in 2020. Many contactless guest services are allowing hotels to reopen and continue operations as safely as possible without inconveniences.

With the guests expecting hotels to have features such as mobile check-in and check out. As well as digital keys accessible from their mobile devices this technology trend will continue into 2021 and beyond.

Have a look at the certain features of contactless experience for hoteliers:

Generate a unique QR code for your FOM (Front Office Manager) and POS (Point of Sale) Once the QR code is generated, customers/hotel staff can avail the following services by scanning the QR codes.

  1. Check-in: After entering the details, a check happens and the registration number will generate.

  2. House Room service: The guest can order his favorite food using in-house guest service. Once the order is placed, guests will receive the confirmation.

  3. House Keeping request: Available housekeeping services by filling the description. HORECA STOP has a wide range of housekeeping essentials at the best prices for the hoteliers being a single procurement channel.

  4. KOT request: hotel staff can take the order and inform the kitchen using the KOT option. The hotel staff gets the confirmation notification.

  5. Billing: hotel staff can generate bills directly for the restaurant guests. Staff will get the notification once the bill is generated.

  6. In-house Checkout: The guest can see the summary of the bills during the checkout. Guest can also pay online once the bill is generated. After payment guest will get a notification " Checkout successful"

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