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Can Advertising Increase Restaurant Sales During COVID 19?

Do you think that your restaurant needs some advertising to increase sales at the time of shockwaves around the economy?

All restaurants know that their pre-COVID 19 charm and firing restaurant sales are definitely on a long pause. But that doesn't mean that restaurants should throw in the towel. It is now when a restaurant can take time to think out of the box and give a blow with unique, drooling over advertising ideas to potential and existing customers.

Anyway, advertising has always been the best influencer to boost up sales for any product and brand. Then why not now go for restaurant marketing to increase sales?

Unlike other businesses, the restaurant business not only advertises and sells its services and good food but also sells its ambience. So the restaurants not only have to make a strong presence but also refresh them with the idea of what experience they will relish while choosing them.

So, increasing restaurant sales with being picked up by digital ads and ideas need a lot of brainstorming. Before you do that, the following are the reason that can drive restaurant sales during and post COVID-19 period by just advertising:

Long Hour Digital Presence

A customer sees around 5000 marketing messages and advertisements every single day. And there was ample of time then (before lockdown) to block ads they felt really was unattractive or not needed.

Now with the increase in engagement on digital platforms more than before, precisely in the lockdown period, they spend more time understanding the purpose of the advertisement.

This lay a chance for restaurants to actually travel your customers through the idea and reason for picking your restaurants over others through online food ordering thus increasing restaurant sales.

Fewer Alternatives

With the financial crisis, demands are shrinking. But this is also upgrading people to new lifestyles.

Even in the lockdown people are facing a slightly different lifestyle. What considerably affects this is - Work from Home (WFH). With the disturbed balance of maintaining house and work, there are high chances where people give up cooking first.

Also, where social distancing has been given the uttermost importance, the pillars of the all-hand working family- Domestic helpers are no-where in the scene. Hence overall facing fewer alternatives.

So the best, closest, and surest alternative that can be a turnkey solution for such customers is restaurants.

Trust Issues

Why are restaurant sales facing a massive decline?

Where social distancing, hygiene conditions, and eating-at-home has been the new normal for people, people doubt the safety and surety a restaurant can render and have trust issues.

Advertising the cautions and safety measures taken like contactless delivery, cashless payment, hygienic food packaging, usage of fresh ingredients, regular employee health check-up. Such initiatives taken create a lasting impression on customers, also helping in brand recognition.

Restaurant like Food

People are splendidly making memories during the lockdown period. They do everything that they always wished to do while being chucked at work.

What has always been the best friend to memories is the favorite food. And while holding to the monotony of homemade food, Restaurant food has been a major missing.

So, advertising about the precautions taken while cooking is that of homemade food, and the taste is of a restaurant's food will surely boost the restaurant sales. Talk to customers about your idea of batting the coronavirus.

Stay ahead of your Competition

You as a restaurant business would never like to regret what your competitors did and succeeded by trying something you could have also done.

So while you advertise and make a strong presence already, your restaurant sales will surge soon than your competitors.


With the constant dramatically changing scenarios emerging out of the unprecedented situation, restaurants need to plan advertising keeping in mind the timelines of recovery and changes in consumer behavior. These are some of the best reasons to advertise and increase restaurant sales.

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